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Listening Officer provides a range of mental health services to individuals as well as organizations.


We offer a 2 level intervention where clients can interact in a non-judgemental space with listeners and will be guided to professional psychologists if required.


Our services are affordable, intersectional feminist, trauma-informed, queer-affirmative and anti-caste.

Listening Sessions

A lighter space where you can just speak out loud to our empathetic and non-judgmental Listening Officers. Our Listening Officers do not provide solution or advice but interact with an objective of understanding you and what you are going through. Experience the joy of being understood by another human being! :)


We have carefully curated therapists to cater to different types of mental health issues. They not only spend time in understanding you but also help in figuring our the next course of action, share techniques and support you to full recovery.


Our therapists work closely with Listening Officers to understand any clients who move from listening sessions to therapy.


Losing a loved one is painful, traumatic and confusing. And no one can really understand what we feel, unless one has also experienced a similar loss.

Tribe is a closed, safe space where those who have lost someone can share, process their emotions and support their peers. This is a group session that is led by a facilitator.


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